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Renault is the first full-range car manufacturer to market zero-emission vehicles in use, available to the greatest number.

Efficient electric vehicles are now a reality 

For Renault, the electric vehicle is a real long-term solution to today’s environmental and noise pollution issues in cities. Technological innovations now make it possible to mass market an electric vehicle at reasonable cost. In addition, changes in vehicle use make electric cars ideal for the majority of trips, with 87% of Europeans currently driving less than 60 km a day.


Renault now offers a full range of electric vehicles:

  • Mainly designed for professionals and fleets, Kangoo Z.E.
  • The family sedan Fluence Z.E.
  • Twizy, a tandem-type of urban vehicle, available in 2 versions (5kW -for drivers without a license, or 15kW)
  • The highly seductive ZOE, an ideal supermini for commuting to work.


Depending on the country, a tax incentive can apply when buying an electric car. Besides, all Renault models come with a battery lease contract (different subscription types available).


The new car for everyday use 

For Renault and its customers, electric cars have to be practical, attractive and reassuring:


  • Electric vehicles will retail at the same price as equivalent diesel models (without the battery, which is leased)
  • Running costs are roughly 20% lower than an equivalent combustion vehicle since electricity costs much less than petrol (around €1 per 100 km)
  • Maintenance costs are half those of an equivalent combustion vehicle because electric motors require less servicing
  • Electric motors offer similar levels of performance as that of gasoline and diesel cars. Regarding acceleration, for example, an electric motor delivers all of its power as soon as it pulls away
  • Electric cars are easily recharged at home, at special terminals in parking lot areas and at “quickdrop”, battery swap stations.


Electric vehicles are in phase with current public issues. They are silent and because they emit no CO2, or any polluting emissions for that matter, they also respect the environment.

Underpin efforts 

Renault is still working on a number of fronts to accompany the launch of its range of zero-emission vehicles in use:


  • In R&D, an important investment has been made on electric cars as part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance
  • Cooperation with governments on infrastructure development and purchase incentives
  • Partnerships are being formed with mobility operators worldwide.

Renault Z.E.

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