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The Cordoba site is a high-pressure aluminium foundry. Its main activity is the manufacture of medium and large aluminium parts, particularly gearbox housings for Renault and Volkswagen.


The plant covers an area of 0.92 ha on a 2.77 ha site to the north of Córdoba, 10 km from the city centre and 3 km from the international airport.
Although located in an industrial zone, the plant is surrounded by residential districts, city boulevards and irrigated agricultural land.

The nearest homes are about 500 m away. The plant is served by two major roads: the avenue linking the airport to the city centre, and the ring road called Avenida de Circunvalación. 


The development of the Environmental Management System and ISO 14001 certification both demanded a serious effort to renovate amenities and modernise production and support processes in a 43-year old factory in order to meet current environmental requirements.


The main goal of the automation of processes at the start of 2004 was to increase productivity. New systems have been installed: automatic coating of dies, parts handling robots and electric furnaces. These new systems have resulted in a change of scale of the factory’s environmental parameters.

Production volumes have increased year on year, rising by 26% since 2001. This growth has also seen an increase in production capacity and headcount, which has risen by 21%.


The goal of the capacity growth project between November 2007 and July 2008 was to boost the capacity of the foundry by 48%. The growth in capacity and environmental performance were both impacted by the sharp drop in output volumes in the last quarter of 2008. 


Environmental data 



Change since 2008

Change since 2004

Water consumption (thousands of m3)




Atmospheric emissions



Direct and undirect greenhouse gas emissions (t CO2 equivalent)




NOx emissions (t)




SO2 emissions (t)




Hazardous waste (t)




Energy (MWh LHV)





(*): change in definition of reporting scope


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Key facts 

  • Address
    Planta Fundición de Aluminio RASA - Av. La Voz del Interior 6353 - X5008HKQ Córdoba - Argentina
  • Activity
  • Certification
    ISO 14001 obtained in 2003, renewed in 2005 and 2008