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The LCV engineering department is a centre for the development, design and industrial production of Renault’s LCV range (Kangoo, Trafic and Master).


The site is located next to industrial and agricultural areas, except to the south-east, where there is a residential area with houses. The plant is around 1,250m upstream from a groundwater capture zone. The nearest water course is the Mauldre (400m) into which the site discharges its stormwater.



Environmental, Safety and Working Conditions Manager at i-DVU:


« Through its policy, i-DVU clearly stresses its commitment to environmental protection. That commitment takes the form of actions integrated into day-to-day work to reduce the impact of the business on the environment and to achieve the highest level of environmental risk prevention.


The main actions implemented in recent years include:


  • Degreasing machines

All machines for degreasing mechanical parts have been replaced by biological systems that produce less waste and emit no VOCs.

  • VOC recovery at service stations

The site's service station has implemented a process for recovering VOCs emitted during decanting operations. 


  • Solar-powered hot water tank

To limit boiler operation during the summer, a hot water tank powered by a photovoltaic (solar power) cell has been installed to supply offices with domestic hot water.


  • Retention in PC J8 area

To avoid any risk of chemicals seeping into the ground, the containment basin in the PC storage area was sealed (resin coating).


  • Containment basin

During the site improvement work, the rainwater recovery network was restructured. The volume of the containment basin was increased and an oil separator added.

  • Cooling tower replaced

To eliminate the risk of Legionnaires’ disease, the last cooling tower on the site was replaced with a refrigerating unit, which is used to cool the engine test benches. 


  • Refurbishment of decanting areas

To ensure ground sealing and the absence of pollution risk in the event of accidental spillage in the decanting and fuel distribution areas.


  • Construction of a bridge linking the south and north areas of the site

To improve circulation flows.


  • Considerable reduction in quantity of waste owing to a decrease in the number of residents. »


Key environmental data 



Change since 2008


since 2004

Water consumption (thousands of m3)




Atmospheric emissions




Direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions (t CO2 equivalent)




NOx emissions (t)




SO2 emissions (t)




Hazardous waste (t)




Energy (MWh LHV)





(*): change in definition of reporting scope


For further details, see registration documents:




Key facts 

  • Address
    42 route de Beynes - 78640 Villiers Saint Frédéric - France
  • Activity
    Offices, Logistics, R&D, Administration
  • Certification
    ISO 14001 earned in 2000, renewed in 2003, 2006 and 2009