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Renault Samsung Motors offer new and top-of-the-range vehicles. The brand relies on ultra-modern production facilities and a high-level R&D center.

Interview with Jean-Marie Hurtiger, former CEO of Renault Samsung Motors (recorded in October 2010)

Renault Samsung Motors in figures (2011 data) 

  • 80.1 % owned Renault subsidiary
  • 5,677 employees (excluding sales), 5% of Renault group's work force
  • 118,135 vehicles sold worldwide (in South Korea and Chile)
  • A 8.3% market share in South Korea
  • 191 dealers in South Korea
  • Ranked 1st in Customer Satisfaction for 10 consecutive years (2011 Automotive Syndicated Research comparing 5 South Korean car makers)
  • A range of 5 vehicles: SM3 CE, SM3, SM5, SM7 and QM5
  • Most exported cars receive the Renault badge, including Fluence, Scala, Latitude / Safrane and Koleos

The Busan production site 

  • Ultra-modern production facilities
  • A plant at the forefront of technology
  • Production capacity of 300,000 units/year
  • A young, well-trained work force: 2,576 people at December 31, 2009 with an average age of 31
  • ISO 14 001 certification (environmental management standard) obtained in 2003 and renewed in 2006
  • Highly-automated powertrain and body-work shops and production processes

The Kihueng R&D center 

The Kihueng Renault Samsung Technical Center (RSTC) near Seoul brings together Korean, Japanese and French engineers and technicians.


It includes a prototype center and specialized test facilities (chassis, powertrain, emission control, electronics, safety, etc.).

A design center, recognized throughout Korea 

eMX concept car

The RSM Design center as a part of the Renault Design network, is the design bridgehead for the Renault group in Asia. It is also a window on the latest Asian trends.


Key fact: the concept car eMX Concept, presented during the 2009 Seoul Motor Show, was the first one to be entirely designed and engineered in Kihueng.

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