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At end-2008, Renault deployed a new action plan to boost its presence in South Africa. The plan involved new models (including Sandero, produced locally) and improvements in service quality. Renault South Africa is once more taking a bold, optimistic approach.

Almost 60 years of eventful history 

The history of Renault in South Africa goes back to 1953. At that time, the 4CV was imported to South Africa by Curries Motors. Five years later, Renault Africa was set up to develop the brand on the African continent.


In 1985, Renault withdrew from the South African market because of apartheid. The brand’s vehicles were then imported by Imperial Cars Imports (ICI).


It was only in 2002 that Renault created a subsidiary dedicated to the South African market: Renault South Africa. This joint venture is 51% owned by Renault S.A.S. and 49% by ICI.

Reconquering the South African market 

Renault South Africa showed encouraging results in its first years of operation (with sales volume doubled between 2003 and 2005). The situation deteriorated from 2006, however, owing to falling vehicle sales and the devaluation of the national currency. Today, Renault has 4% of the market and is the country's eighth-largest car maker, still below its potential.


On October 30, 2008, at the Johannesburg Motor Show, Renault set out to reconquer the South African market with a new strategic plan.


The clearly stated objective is to reveal the full potential of Renault in South Africa. The main assets are: a strong brand image, and vehicles reputed for their safety, design and glamour. The strategy is based on a particularly aggressive product policy with the launch of six new models: Logan, Twingo and Koleos, followed by Laguna Coupé, Twingo Renault Sport and Sandero, the first Renault vehicle made in South Africa. Improving service quality is also a key strategic aim.


The South African press has responded enthusiastically to this plan, which spans both entry-level and executive vehicles: “Renault is back!”  

Renault Sandero: the first 100% South-African model 

The main feature in Renault South Africa’s sales pitch goes by the name of Sandero. Ideally suited to South African customers, the car is produced at Nissan’s Rosslyn plant in Pretoria. Economical, dynamic and sturdy, Sandero is a modern vehicle with generous space.


Sandero illustrates the efficiency of the Renault‑Nissan Alliance, which has made significant investments (almost €85 million) in pursuit of two objectives: to ensure the development of the supply chain and modernize the production process.


South Africa in brief :


  • Capital cities: Pretoria and Cape Town
  • Area: 1,219,912 km²
  • Population: 48 million
  • Roads: 754,000 km
  • 600,000 vehicles sold every year

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