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Boosted by a dynamic market, Renault’s activities in Algeria keep on expanding. After nearly 90 years’ presence in the country, Renault is more than ever focused on the future. The Group’s numerous sales innovations have turned Algeria into a growth driver for the Group.

Lasting presence 

Renault first set up business in Algeria in 1922, founding the Société Algérienne des Automobiles Renault (SADAR) to distribute Renault vehicles. SADAR quickly became the largest vehicle distribution business in the country.


With the creation of CARAL plant (Construction des Automobiles Renault en Algérie) in 1959, Renault started producing vehicles in Algeria. While activity was discontinued at SADAR and CARAL in 1969 following nationalization, they made a huge contribution to opening the way for Renault in Algeria and favoring the transfer of skills.


In 1997, 30 years after the Algerian government’s wave of nationalizations, Renault made a big step forward by setting up a real sales and marketing structure entirely dedicated to the domestic market, Renault Algérie Spa. This subsidiary, today wholly owned by the Group, has a workforce of nearly 400 and is a concrete example of Renault’s investment in Algeria.

Leader for fourth year in a row 

Algerian customers appreciate sedans like Mégane, Logan and Symbol

Renault has continued to honor its long-standing presence over the last few years. Major efforts have been made on the product offering, distribution and communication to appeal to new customer bases.


Broad and diverse vehicle range: The offering – from Laguna to Kangoo Express via the compact hatchback Clio III – addresses a broad range of customers. In addition, Dacia models like the Sandero are perfectly suited to the market. This is yet further proof of the complementary fit between the two brands, whose positioning in Algeria is clearly differentiated.


These strengths are well served by an outstanding domestic network. All the hard work accomplished by the network since 2006 has resulted in close to 100% coverage of the country. With nearly 60 agents, the Renault network is the most extensive and efficient in Algeria.  


Strategy pays off: with 56,085 vehicle sales in 2009, Renault Algeria took a near 23.4% share of the market and ranked number-one for the third year in a row.

Focusing on the future 

Renault dealers can be found all across the country

But Renault does not intend to rest on its laurels. It is banking on the vitality of the Algerian market and making a number of investments to further enhance performance in the country. Thus the opening in late-2007 of  a spare parts distribution center in Tessala El Merdja is part of a vast program to build new sites and extend existing facilities.  


As part of the same initiative, Renault opened a new training center, “Renault Algérie Académie”, in June 2008. This innovative center organizes technical and sales and marketing training for the entire Algerian sales network. With 700 trainees in 2008, the future of the Group in Algeria is in good hands.


In what remains a difficult economic and political environment, Renault is continuing to make headway in 2009, reporting a growth in quality results and record sales figures. The country may soon be one of Renault’s top 10 sales markets.


Algeria in brief (2009 data):

      • Capital: Algiers
      • Area: 2,381,741 km²
      • Population: 35 million
      • GNP: USD 170 billion
      • Roads: 108,302 km

Renault in Algeria, key data (2009):


  • Leader with 23.4% market share.
  • Renault Algérie Spa, wholly-owned Renault subsidiary.
  • Workforce: around 370.
  • National coverage: 1 branch and 59 agents.

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