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Renault has been present in Turkey for four decades through its subsidiary Oyak-Renault. No. 1 on the car market, Renault is considered  virtually as a “national” brand.

A flourishing automotive sector 

Turkey has a particularly dynamic automotive sector, with more than 15 vehicle manufacturers (including Renault, Toyota, Honda and Fiat Tofas), almost 1,000 parts suppliers, and annual output of more than one million vehicles.


At present, more than three-quarters of output is exported, but the automotive industry could soon focus more closely on its domestic market. Turkey is experiencing strong growth (5% in 2007) and household ownership for cars is relatively low at just 214 vehicles per 1,000 people. So prospects for growth are bright.

Turkey: a decisive market 


Renault is a key player with historic presence in the Turkish automotive sector. The Group, which will celebrate 40 years in Turkey in 2009 through its subsidiary Oyak-Renault, is No. 1 on the car market. Its three-box models such as Symbol and Mégane Sedan, are particularly popular with Turkish customers.


For Renault, Turkey is not only a key local market but also a base for exports to the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Russia and North Africa.

A production unit with a bright future 

    Oyak-Renault has a high-performance production site at Bursa. The plant assembles many different vehicles (Clio Estate, Mégane II, Symbol / Thalia and since 2009, Fluence). It also produces powertrain components (engines, gearboxes, front and rear axles).


    The Bursa site is an integrated industrial platform with one of the highest quality scores in the Renault group. In the future, the site is expected to increase output still further, from 43 to 60 vehicles/hour. It is a strategic site for the Group. 



    Turkey in brief (2009): 


  • Capital: Ankara
  • Area: 779,452 km²
  • Population: 72 million
  • GDP: US$ 861 billion
  • Roads: 382,059 km

    Renault in Turkey, key data (2009):


  • Oyak-Renault, an industrial subsidiary, is 51% owned by Renault.
  • Renault Mais, a commercial subsidiary, is 49% owned by Renault.
  • Workforce: 6,684, or 5.5% of the Group total.
  • Production: 277,572 vehicles, or 12.2% of the Group total.
  • 14.8% share of the Turkish market.