In November 2009, Renault announced the industrial sites that are now manufacturing its electric vehicles.

Four sites: Flins, Bursa, Maubeuge and Valladolid 

Renault has decided to produce its electric city car, ZOE at the Flins plant (France). The car is available since March 2013.  


Renault manufactures the Fluence Z.E. sedan at the OYAK-Renault Bursa plant in Turkey. Sales started in November 2011.


The production of the LCV Kangoo Z.E. is located at MCA (Maubeuge Carrosserie Automobile), in northern France. Sales started in October 2011.


Finallly, Twizy is manufactured in Valladolid, 150 km North West of Madrid (Spain). This vehicle is available since March 2012.


All these sites are ISO 14001 certified.