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Group Executive Committee (CEG) 

The Group Executive Committee comprises of 10 members. 


The Group Executive Committee meets once a week and at monthly seminars.

Renault Management Committee (CDR) 

The Renault Management Committee comprises 27 members, including the members of the Group Executive Committee.

The Renault Management Committee meets once a month and at seminars held twice a year.


Members of the Renault Management Committee receive a consideration comprising a fixed and a variable portion. The variable portion is based on the company’s economic performance in the previous year. It comprises five factors: (1) the difference between budgeted and actual operating margin, (2) maximizing the elements between operating margin and net income excluding equity income from Nissan and Volvo, (3) the results achieved in terms of reducing warranty expenses, (4) the reduction in general, commercial and administrative expenses, and (5) an individual criterion related to the performance of the sector for which the member in question is responsible.

Nissan: executive director remuneration 

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, in which Renault has a significant influence, publishes, according to the provisions of Japanese law, the information related to the remuneration of directors and executives, page 53 of the Yukashoken-Houkokusho.