Set up in 2001, the Renault Corporate Foundation supports talented young people all over the world, helping them to develop their skills in a multicultural world. It coordinates and finances top-level teaching and research programmes. The objective is twofold: to promote a sharing of cultures and to develop multi-way ties between France, Europe and the other countries in which the Group is present. The Renault Foundations in Brazil, Spain and Argentina act at local level.

The Renault Foundation 

Set up in 2001, the Renault Corporate Foundation illustrates Renault’s practical involvement in higher education.


With its academic partners, the Foundation anticipates new skills needs. It creates and supports innovative educational programmes in two areas of research: sustainable mobility and multicultural management.

Every year, 80 students are able to take advantage of this opportunity and pursue their studies with Renault and Nissan in particular, where they bring a fresh, original perspective to corporate practices.


Since it was set up, the Foundation has developed a network of more than 580 professionals, contributing to the influence and development of higher education in France.

Other Renault  Foundations 

Several Renault Foundations are active at local level, in Brazil, Argentina and Spain.


Instituto Renault do Brasil


Set up at the end of 2010, this Foundation oversees all Renault’s societal and environmental initiatives in Brazil. Its aim is to reinforce the CSR strategy of the Renault group locally, tailoring it to the needs of the local population. Reflecting the Group’s priorities, the Instituto do Brasil focuses on four areas in its work:


  • education,
  • community development,
  • road safety education,
  • environmental protection.

These initiatives are located primarily in the cities where Renault is based, Sao José dos Pinhais, Sao Paulo and Jundiaí.


Renault Argentina Foundation


For fifty years, the Renault Argentina Foundation has supported programmes in a range of areas: humanitarian, education, health, road safety and the environment.


The flagship programme of the Renault Argentina Foundation is “Educacion ambiental para todos” (environmental education for all). It aims to teach children the fundamental principles of respect for the environment and the values of good citizenship. This programme won first prize in a competition organized by the Franco-Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Industry to reward the companies investing in human capital, the environment and civil society, beyond their legal obligations.


Renault Spain Foundations


Set up in 1963, the Renault Spain Foundation finances study grants for the children of Group employees in Spain.


The Renault Spain Foundation for Sustainable Mobility is part of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Its brief is to educate and raise awareness among the general public on sustainable mobility and encourage research in this area.

The second action plan will concern road safety and efforts to educate the population on responsible driving.