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The assembly unit is currently operating with just one shift while the bodywork unit has four.


The Valladolid body assembly plant is located to the south of the city of Valladolid, in the centre of the Castilla y Leon region. It occupies a total area of 98,4 ha, with the plant's two buildings taking up 31,4 ha. It is located in an industrial zone, near a school, a hotel, a busy road and a farming area.
The plant is well positioned. It is 200 km from Madrid, on the main route between Paris and Lisbon. This makes it easy to ship goods by rail and road. The plant is 17 km from the international airport.


This plant will be the first of the Renault's factories in Spain to mass produce the electric car (Twizy).


Manuel Sánchez, Environmental Manager:


  • The most important recent actions include:

- the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control licence (IPPC),

- the implementation of the project to cut emissions in the Bouclier  (incineration of VOCs),

- installation of water meters by sector (GTC connection),

- development of "Waste Reduction" initiatives,

- development of "Energy Saving" initiatives (these efforts helped the plant to monitor, in particular, their energy consumptions during non-production times, putting them as the leading body assembly plants, out of the Renault plants, on this indicator over the last three years),

- installation of solar panels,

- improvement of the storage areas for chemicals,

- development of initiatives to prevent Legionnaire’s Disease,

- commitment by contractors to abide by the site’s environmental policy,

- implementation of the plan to prevent emergency situations,

- soil study to prevent pollution,

- inclusion of environmental factors in the Renault Production System and new projects,

- tracking and update of the management of chemicals used in the factory and by contractors, driven by the Chemicals Technician,

- covering of the panel forming lines in order to reduce noise levels,

- implementation of an environmental communications plan throughout the factory in order to increase the importance of the environment in every sector,

- update of the Environmental Declaration,

- creation of the "Self-Appraisal of Environmental Risks" of the factory,

- actions to cut pollutant discharges,

- 2,727 hours of training in the environment in 2009,

- significant increase in waste recycling, resulting in reduced quantity of waste to landfill.

Key environmental data 



Change since 2008

Change since 2004

Water consumption (thousands of m3)




Liquid discharge




Suspended solids (kg/d)





OM (kg/d)




Toxic metals (kg/d)




Atmospheric emissions




Greenhouse gas emissions direct and indirect (t CO2 equivalent)




NOx emissions (t)




SO2 emissions (t)




Emissions of VOC produced by painting processes (g/m²)




Hazardous waste (t)




Energy (MWh LHV)





(*): reporting scope modified


For further details, see registration documents: 



Key facts 

  • Address
    Factoría Carrocería Montaje Valladolid Renault España S.A. Carretera de Madrid Km. 185 47008 Valladolid
  • Activity
    Body Assembly
  • Certifications
    ISO 14001 earned in 1999, renewed in 2002, 2005 and 2008
  • HPR