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Rating agencies specializing in sustainable development assess corporations according to their corporate governance and their commitments, policies and performance in the social and environmental fields related to their activity.


Founded in 1995, the SAM financial services company advises funds on their investment decisions according to economic, environmental and social criteria that are analysed from the perspective of long-term growth. In 1999, SAM joined forces with the Dow Jones indices to set up the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index.


2012 results



Renault rating for 2012

Average rating in the sector in 2012

Economic performance  75  72



 79  71

Environmental performance

 92  79

Total Score

 81  74

Oekom research 

Oekom Research is an agency of independent analysts wielding a strong influence in Germany. Its ratings include all social, cultural (40%) and environmental factors (60%). The result is an assessment of a company's "Corporate responsibility".


2010 results


Renault scored a "B" for its overall result and was the best-performing carmaker of the 15 that were analysed.


Company's performance in comparison with its sector

Vigeo is an independent corporate social responsability (CSR) rating agency founded in July 2002. Its business is to measure CSR performance of companies and public entities.


The six areas under review are: Environment, Human Rights, Human Resources, Business Behaviour, Corporate Governance and Community Involvement.


Vigeo's analysis leads to a rating of the performance of the company in each of these areas.


2011 results


Renault continues to be active on all CSR issues and receives above average ratings on most CSR domains, which confirms its leading position in the sector. Renault is leader on Environment, Business Behaviour (C&S) and Community Involvment, and is one of the leaders in the sector in terms of Human Resources.


This result means that Renault maintains its position in the ASPI index, which includes the 120 best performing listed companies in the Euro zone according to Vigéo's own ratings.

ECPI® Indices 

Thanks to its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, Renault is a constituent of the following ECPI® Indices:


  • ECPI Euro Ethical Equity
  • ECPU Global Ethical Equity
  • ECPI EMU Ethical Equity


    ECPI® has been a leading Rating and Index company dedicated to ESG Research (Environmental, Social and Governance) since 1997.

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