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Based on the values applying across the Group, the policy on quality of life at work supports Renault in its international development and growth, both from a social and industrial standpoint.

Working environment 

A new global framework on the working environment was introduced in 2012. The aim is to make Renault a place where the quality of life at work is recognized by employees worldwide and contributes to the global and lasting performance of the company.


The framework is organized into four main focuses:


  • Environment and work areas: access to work premises, work-related travel, collaborative tools, facilities
  • Professional/personal life balance: teleworking, meetings, services for employees
  • Management and involvement: participation, acknowledgement, team spirit
  • Health and wellbeing: intercultural exchange, sense of belonging to the Group, atmosphere.

Other facets of the Group's policy on health and working conditions 

The framework has been rolled out in all Renault’s operating countries. Each country and each business establishment is required to carry out a self-assessment on each of the points and rule on priorities adapted to its local needs.


Two areas calls for particular attention:


  • The prevention of psychosocial risks and stress at support-service sites, for which a comprehensive system has been put in place. In particular, employees can be tested to establish an individual pre-diagnosis. At end-2012, over 90,000 such tests had been made as part of medical check-ups. Also, since 2012, training has been organized on identifying staff in difficulty.
  • The prevention of work accidents, especially at production sites.

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