Management quality is key to the success of company strategy. Managers play a crucial role in keeping teams motivated, itself vital to company performance and growth.

Survey on Commitment and Management Quality 

Renault has introduced a system of common management guidelines, Renault Management Way. Drawn up by the Group Executive Committee in 2009, Renault Management Way details the roles, rules of conduct and mindset expected of Group managers.


The objective is to improve management quality and staff commitment by sharing, fully understanding and putting into practice common guidelines on management and conduct in the company, around the world.


Renault Management Way in brief:


Management focused on the customer, informed by profit and grounded on staff motivation.


  • Manager roles: leader (rolling out strategy and delegating), coach (supporting employees), guide (showing employees the way forward).
  • Management rules: loyalty, transparency, openness to diversity.

Over the last few years, Renault Management Way has been implemented through workshops in 26 countries. Some 12,500 managers have taken part, with a satisfaction rate of over 90%.

Management Commitment and Quality survey 

Since 2006, Renault has carried out regular assessments of employee engagement and perceptions of management quality by means of surveys conducted with an independent international institute. These surveys provide a basis on which to compare Renault’s results to those of other international companies and to measure changes in Group results.


In the last survey of all Group employees, conducted in September 2013, the Renault Management Way index, which measures management quality, rose one point on 2010 to 68%. The highest scores concerned the quality of local management:  in terms of positive perceptions, 64% of employees recognized their manager’s ability to promote the development of colleagues (six points higher than the global standard), and 70% their manager’s ability to recognize the quality of the work carried out by colleagues (also six points higher than the global standard).


The level of engagement of Group employees – i.e. the company’s ability to inspire enthusiasm in its employees, making them keen to come to work and to give their best to the job – remains high at 72%. The factors of engagement remain strong. Pride in working for the Group (80% or  three points higher than the global standard) and having the motivation to go beyond the strict requirements of the job in order to contribute to Renault’s success (81% or 13 points higher than the global standard) remain the Group’s strong points.


To contribute to improving management practices, individual and collective coaching systems have been developed for management committees that are keen to build their managerial qualities. Through management workshops, they can work on developing cooperative relations or managing complex situations.

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