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To achieve its objectives and maintain the highest standards of corporate governance, Renault pays close attention to the balance between its management, its supervisory bodies and its shareholders.

Top-level governance 

The company is administered by a Board of Directors composed of 19 members (10 of them being independent).


The Group Executive Committee (CEG) comprises 10 members, including the Chairman and CEO. It meets once a month.


The Renault Management Committee (CDR) comprises of 27 members, including the members of the Group Executive Committee. It meets once a month and holds seminars twice a year.

Management driven by profit and focused on customers 

The Group’s performance is founded on a managerial organization adapted to rapid international action and on the ability of its managers to define and follow through on quantifiable, measurable, achievable objectives.


  • Management by region: 5 regional management committees (CMR) are responsible and accountable for the contribution of their geographic region to the Group’s profits.
  • Management by program: Program Directors are responsible and accountable for the contribution of their vehicles to the Group’s profitability across all markets, throughout the product lifecycle and including all related services.
  • 11 transversal teams: are responsible for continuously challenging the performance of each function and operation with reference to the best global practices.