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Renault TECH is a business unit set up in 2008 to design, produce and sell vehicles converted to meet the special needs of users, such as professionals and people with reduced mobility.

Customizing Renault vehicles 

Renault Master

Renault TECH examines all types of requests from fleet customers and can even design customized vehicles to order, installing a fire extinguisher or an external power socket or redesigning the vehicle’s interior to meet a special requirement.


Transportation of people with reduced mobility: Renault TECH customizes new and used Renault vehicles that are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Many models are available to buy or rent, including Kangoo, Logan, Master and Trafic. Renault TECH also produces driving aids (steering-wheel mounted accelerators and brakes, multifunction remote control units to operate indicators, lights and horn, pedal transfers, etc.) and vehicle access aids, such as manual or electric swivel seats.


Driving school vehicles: Renault TECH equips Clio, Modus, Mégane and Scénic with dual control pedals and other controls used by driving instructors.


Business vehicles: Kangoo, Trafic and Master in dumper, flatbed and large-volume versions can be customized for use by builders, market gardeners and other professionals.


Personalized fleets: vehicles are outfitted with features such as decals, revolving lights, towing gear, etc

Workshops in Renault plants 

Renault Kangoo is part of the lineup of customized vehicles for the transportation of people with reduced mobility

Renault TECH is headquartered at Les Ulis near Paris and has vehicle conversion workshops in eight Renault plants across Europe. Located directly alongside Renault’s production lines, these automated shops perform powertrain and bodywork operations. Once a vehicle has been converted, it is fed back into the initial logistics flow. Renault TECH also has a workshop in the French town of Heudebouville that converts vehicles for disabled users.

Renault quality standards 

All conversions comply with the quality standards of the Renault group. Warranties are identical to those on the standard model, namely 24 months for Renault vehicles and 36 months for Dacia vehicles. Renault TECH’s manufacturing sites are ISO 9001 certified, meaning that a quality-driven approach based on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is applied throughout the vehicle conversion process.

Renault TECH in figures (2010 data) 

  • Wholly owned by Renault
  • € 50 million in revenues
  • 250 employees
  • 90,000 vehicles converted
  • Target: 100,000 vehicles converted by 2013