The purchase of a car has become inseparable from a wide range of services, from financing and insurance, through warranty and maintenance. To make sure that cars remain synonymous with freedom, Renault has developed an array of services for its vehicles.


RCI Banque: The Renault group’s finance arm


RCI Banque, a wholly-owned Renault subsidiary, provides financing options and services to the customers and networks of Renault, Nissan, Dacia, and Renault Samsung Motors. RCI Banque is present in 39 countries.

Maintenance and repair 

Motrio: Multi-brand automobile repair


Motrio brings its customers maintenance and repair services, covering servicing, lighting, oil changes, brakes, shock absorbers, filters, exhausts, engine timing, and tires. Launched in France in October 2003, Motrio now has 1,100 sites, and is also present in Spain, Portugal, Poland and Argentina.


Motrio is also a multi-brand range of spare parts and workshop products covering 80% of Europe’s vehicle population, or 32 brands and 4,000 models.


Renault Minute: For everyday vehicle maintenance


Renault Minute proposes everyday servicing and repair solutions requiring short workshop times and quick service without appointments. Nine services are provided: servicing, oil changes, tires, brakes, exhausts, air conditioning, shock absorbers, batteries and accessories. 


Renault Minute has 1,200 sites in 22 countries.


Renault Minute Carrosserie: Quick and efficient body work


Renault Minute Carrosserie proposes bodywork operations over short, 24-hour to 48-hour periods for glazing, locks, body parts (bumpers, wings, hoods and doors) and rearview mirrors.


Renault Minute Carrosserie has over 800 sites in 23 countries.


Renault Pro +: a « one stop shop » service for professionals


Renault Pro+ brings to professionals a global and tailor-made response to all their needs when it comes to sales and afters sales. Watchwords are: proximity, proactivity and profitability. A client charter materialize this commitment in 12 sections.


In 2009, the first 66 Renault Pro+ sites were inaugurated in 14 countries. At end-2012, 420 businesses where up and running in about 30 countries in Europe, South America, but also Algeria, Morocco and Ukraine. By end-2013, the Renault Pro+ network will reach its steady state with nearly 500 sites in 40 countries. 

Car hire 

Renault Rent: Vehicle rental across France


Renault Rent offers short-term rental deals for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles at extremely competitive prices. Customers can rent all Renault range models from a network of 258 franchises.


Renault Assistance: At your service year round


Even well-maintained vehicles can break down or be involved in accidents. Renault provides a Europe-wide, year-round 24-hour service. Renault Assistance handles a complete range of services, including callouts, vehicle loans and hotel reservations.


Go to the Renault site in your country for Renault Assistance contact details.