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International industrial organization:

- 38 industrial sites in 17 countries ensure production occurs close to markets

- Standardization guarantees the same level of quality throughout the world

- International production capacities are expanding rapidly

Major projects of development 

  • Russia: a partnership signed with the AvtoVAZ automaker,
  • Morocco: work began on a new industrial complex in Tangiers.


The Renault Production Way, driving international development 

The RPW ensures Renault's capital equipment achieves an optimal level of performance. It ranks among the most competitive and most flexible in the automotive sector and is continuously improved through the application of Renault-Nissan Alliance best practices.


The Renault Production Way:


  • guarantees the same quality standards throughout the world,
  • enhances Group performance (plant specialization according to car segment, development of plant capacity to produce different vehicles on the same production line, continuous improvement of the workstation, etc.),
  • ensures the Group's commitments to the environment (100% of Renault's production sites are committed to ISO 14001 (environmental management standard) certification processes),
  • reinforces safety throughout the world.

Logistics: a transversal, international activity 

The logistics division engineers, organizes and manages flows of goods and information on a global scale:


  • from pre-production (procurement of parts) to post-production (distribution of vehicles),
  • from customer order to vehicle delivery within the sales network. 

Sites :


  • 7 ILN (International Logistic Network) hubs in Argentina, Brazil, France, India, Romania, Spain and Turkey receive, store and dispatch parts to manufacturing sites,
  • 4 Sofrastock International sites (Renault logistics subsidiary) manage and distribute small automotive parts and Non Production Materials (NPM).