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Innovation is a core Renault strategy. Each vehicle it designs features the latest in styling, comfort and technology. Renault’s innovation policy has also made it a standard-setter on safety and the environment.

Q&A on innovation 

Renault’s innovation policy is based on six fields of research, explained by Rémi Bastien, Manager for Research, Advanced Studies and Materials Engineering.

Well-being on the move 

Making mobility easier and more pleasant encompasses a number of points, including ease of use, comfort and safety. Discover the Renault technologies for traveling comfort.

Powertrain range 

Find out all about Renault's finest engines. These technological jewels pack a perfect balance of power, driving pleasure and respect for the environment.

Energy and environment 

Find out more on what Renault is doing to be more respectful of the environment, like developing the electric vehicle.

Inside technology 

Click here if you want to learn how a car or a gearbox works, or if you would like to read our technical files.

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