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Renault's new Design strategy, launched in 2010 under Laurens van den Acker's direction, is centered around the idea of the cycle of life. Renault, with this strategy, focuses on the human and follows its clients throughout life. Each concept car, revealed since the 2010 Paris Motor show, illustrates a phase of that cycle.

The cycle of life 

Laurens van den Acker, Vice President, Corporate Design and Axel Breun, Director Design of Concept & Showcar in front of DeZir

Inspired by Renault’s new signature – Drive the Change – and under Laurens van den Acker's direction, the Brand's Design is digging deeper into its roots. Renault's identity, a truly people-centric company, is fully expressed in a new strategy based on the cycle of life.

This vision connects the Brand to its customers by following them throughout life : when they fall in love, head off on a journey, start a family, work, play, and reach wisdom

Centered around life and the human, the new strategy defines a new stylistic language inspired by three keywords, reflecting the Brand’s vision: simple, sensual and warm. These new formal codes will be reflected in the future cars to be produced by Renault.


Each step of the cycle of life, symbolized by a "petal" in Laurens van den Acker's Design strategy, is illustrated by a concept car. 


"DeZir was about our customers falling in love. With Captur, they explore the world and with R-Space, the time has come for them to start a family." - Laurens van den Acker, Vice President, Corporate Design

Emotional design 

Captur and R-Space, the two concepts revealed at the Geneva 2011 motor show

After paving the way with DeZir and ending on a premium note with Initiale Paris, Renault unveils its new Design strategy, one of the levers of Renault 2016 - Drive the Change.


First project managed by Laurens van den Acker and revealed during the 2010 Paris Motor show, DeZir illustrates the "falling in love" phase of the cycle of life. This sporty concept car is a statement of Renault’s commitment to a more emotional design. With its blood red color and sensual profile, DeZir is a pure expression of passion for cars. Driven by an electric motor, DeZir reconciles environmental protection and automotive elegance.


Captur, R-Space, Frendzy, Twin'Z and Twin'Run all embody a step in the new Design strategy, declined on production vehicles. 


Initiale Paris concept car, introduced at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, previews the Espace replacement and embodies Renault's vision of premium cars.