R-Link is a tactile, integrated and connected multimedia tablet poised to equip most of Renault's forthcoming cars. It is now available on ZOE and New Clio Hatchback/Estate/R.S., Captur and New Kangoo Express. R-Link is the perfect solution for in vehicle-use, thanks to a number of useful and community applications.

How does R-Link work?

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R-Link, an integrated, connected, multimedia system perfect for in-vehicle use 

All the car’s functions and data.

Renault was the first carmaker to offer steering wheel-mounted controls and in-car navigation. It also made the hands-free card, high-res displays, GPS navigation (Carminat TomTom for €490) and connected navigation (Carminat TomTom LIVE), available to the greatest number, and more importantly affordable. Today, Renault continues to innovate with R-Link, a tactile, integrated and connected tablet.


To enable drivers to control its functions without taking their eyes off the road, R-Link features a large 18cm touch screen display, steering wheel-mounted controls and speech recognition.  

To avoid having to carry countless portable devices or telephones when travelling in a car, Renault R-Link packs a comprehensive list of multimedia functions into a single system, from navigation and telephony, to the radio, Bluetooth® connectivity and audio streaming and connectivity for portable music players, as well as a range of vehicle-related services, plus an extensive catalogue of 50+ applications that can be downloaded directly to the system.


The Text To Speech (TTS) function will automatically read out text or the RSS feeds of certain applications if the vehicle is moving. However, certain applications and functions can only be used at a standstill, such as the Sudoku game, R-Link Tweet, E-guide, etc.



Renault R-Link: greater respect for the environment 

R-Link includes smart driver aids to help reduce the impact of journeys on the environment. R-Link’s Driving eco² functions allow drivers to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions in the case of internal combustion-engined vehicles, or to benefit from additional range in the case of electric vehicles, like with "eco-coaching" tips.


When fitted to an electric vehicle, R-Link can provide comprehensive information to help drivers optimise their route, range and remaining battery charge.


The TomTom® Z.E. LIVE navigation system provides a graphic display of how far the vehicle can travel as a function of its remaining range. It is also capable of suggesting the most economical route in terms of energy (Eco Routes) or displaying the location of nearby charging stations on maps provided by TomTom® (near to the vehicle’s actual location or at destination).


Thanks to a connection with the car’s electronic control units, the driver can view a histogram of their energy consumption in real time, as well as the flow of electricity between the battery and the engine, climate control system, heater, etc.

With the My Z.E. Connect services pack (standard equipment for ZOE), drivers can use their computer or smart phone, wherever they are, to check information ahead of their journey: remaining battery charge, estimated remaining range, charging status, time remaining before battery is fully charged, location of charging stations in a given place, etc.


If they benefit from My Z.E. Inter@ctive (optional or standard equipment for ZOE, depending on version), they can interact remotely with their vehicle while its battery is charging to switch on the pre-conditioning of the cabin, start the battery charge or programme the weekly charge schedule as a function of electricity rates or the CO2 emissions resulting from the production of the necessary electricity.


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