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Renault and cinema are involved in a love story that started over a hundred years ago. A century marked by movie as well as automotive stars and – above all – a century of storytelling by the greatest names of cinema and the Renault brand.

A hundred-year-old love story 

On February 13, 1895, the Lumière brothers filed a patent for the first camera “designed to obtain and view chronophotographic proofs”. Cinema was born. Four years later, Louis Renault appeared in a movie behind the wheel of the Type A voiturette. He was one of the first manufacturers to see movies as a new way of promoting his products.


The course of the next century transformed both cinema and the automotive industry. Against a backdrop of cultural and technological change, Renault continued to work with the silver screen at prestigious festivals around the world and on film sets.

Renault and cinema bring great stories to life 

Latitude and Nicole Kidman at the Cannes Film Festival

Throughout its history, Renault has maintained close ties with TV and cinema production companies. Renault and Dacia cars are frequently featured in films, documentaries and TV series. To meet the needs of production companies, Renault has a fleet of around 40 cars representing the entire range (electric and heat engine).


This partnership between Renault and the film industry has produced many a great on-screen stories. A few examples:

  • A gleaming Vivastella disturbs the calm of François the postman’s village in Jour de fête (1949), Jacques Tati’s masterpiece.
  • In Traffic (1971) also by Jacques Tati, Monsieur Hulot is driving to the Amsterdam motorshow with a Renault 4 he converted into a revolutionary camping car, full of gadgets.
  • Roger Moore as James Bond, does amazing things at the wheel of a Renault 11 in a classic sequence at the Eiffel Tower. A View to a Kill (1985) deserves its title!
  • In The Wings of Desire (1987), director Wim Wenders takes a new look at the poetry of the 4CV.
  • In 2007, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker take part in an impressive car chase across Paris in an Espace in Rush Hour 3.
  • In the science fiction movie Children of men (2006), Clive Owen and Julianne Moore travel in a modified Avantime until a breathtaking action sequence disrupt the journey.

Among other classics : Et Dieu créa la femme by Roger Vadim (Renault 4), 1956, Les tontons flingueurs by Georges Lautner and Michel Audiard (Frégate, Dauphine, R8), 1963, Les Bronzés font du ski by Patrice Leconte (Renault 4, Renault 20, Renault 12), 1979, La Boom by Claude Pinoteau (Renault 14, Renault 5), 1980, La Cité de la peur by Alain Berbérian (Renault 19 Cabriolet, Renault 4, Safrane), 1994, Dobermann by Jan Kounen (Laguna, Safrane, Mégane, Renault 5 Turbo), 1997, The Bourne identity by Doug Liman (Laguna), 2002, The Bourne ultimatum by Paul Greengrass (Dacia Logan), 2007, Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis by Dany Boon (Clio), 2008.  


And the story doesn’t stop there. Renault cars have been seen in many productions since then:


Feature films


  • The Zero Theorem de Terry Gilliam (Twizy), sortie prévue en 2014
  • A very unsettled summer d'Anca Damian (Dacia Logan), sortie prévue en 2013
  • Oko Sprawiedliwosci de Pawel Czarzasty (Mégane Cabriolet, Laguna Coupé)
  • Comme des frères d'Hugo Gelin (Caravelle), 2012
  • Vous n'avez encore rien vu d'Alain Resnais (Espace et Mégane), 2012
  • Bowling de Marie Castille Mention Shaar (Clio), 2012 
  • 8 first dates de David Dodson (Mégane), 2012
  • Une nuit de Philippe Lefebvre (Clio, Espace), 2012


French TV series 


    • Transporter (HBO, RTL, M6)
    • El rastro (Telefe)
    • Emmerdale (ITV1)
    • (TVP2) 
    • Braquo (Canal+, TV5)
    • Les hommes de l'ombre (France 2)
    • Sections de recherches (TF1, TSR, RTL)
    • Le déclin de l'empire masculin (Arte)