Renault Laguna Estate 

The elegance of a large road car

Renault Laguna Estate is a prestige vehicle with a wide range of equipment, record-breaking space and boot capacity of between 450 and 1377 dm3.


Renault Laguna Estate is a thoroughbred with the elegant styling of a “shooting brake”. It is a vehicle of balanced proportions with a long bonnet, streamlined light units and a long third side window.

Efficient engines 

Renault Laguna Estate is based (depending on the version) on a 4Control chassis for a safe, precise and comfortable ride. It was designed for optimal on-road comfort, combining high-performance engines with a six-speed gearbox. Its engines are even more frugal and efficient than before and show greater respect for the environment. This is the case of the 2.0 Energy dCi 130 and150 engines, which feature Stop & Start along with a function to recover energy on braking.


Depending on the versions, the innovative four-wheel drive 4Control chassis is packed with impressive qualities: pinsharp steering, easy driving, avoidance and maneuvering capacities, stability and safety.


Renault Laguna Estate is built at the Sandouville  plant (France), an ISO 14001 certified site.