Renault Laguna 

Relaxed drivability

Launched in 2007, third-generation Renault Laguna was restyled in 2010 to gain a stronger, more dynamic front end. It now ships with more environmentally respectful engines and with the 4Control chassis (depending on versions).

Optimized interior comfort 

Inside the cabin, Renault Laguna welcomes occupants with new, sports-style mixed upholsteries. The choice of materials, the attention to detail (dash cowl stitching, chrome-finish air vent surrounds) and the colour schemes showcase high standards in perceived quality. An impression of comfort and safety goes hand in hand with driving pleasure.

Efficient engines 

Renault Laguna ships with engines that are even more frugal and efficient than before and that show greater respect for the environment. This is the case of the 2.0 Energy dCi 130 and150 engines, which feature Stop & Start along with a function to recover energy on braking.


Depending on the versions, the innovative four-wheel drive 4Control chassis is sure to leave its mark with its many qualities: pinsharp steering, easy driving, avoidance and maneuvering capacities, stability and safety.


Renault Laguna is built at the Sandouville plant (France), which is ISO 14001 certified.