Renault Pulse 

A lively city car

Presented at the Delhi Motor Show in 2012 and intended exclusively for the Indian market, Renault Pulse is aimed at customers looking to upgrade to a more efficient car, frugal on fuel and fun to drive in the city and on the open road.


Renault Pulse ships with a petrol or a 1.5 dCi diesel engine. Both are particularly well suited to urban driving with very low fuel consumption that has no detrimental impact on driving pleasure.

Designed in Mumbai, built in Chennai 

Renault Pulse was designed by Renault’s Design Center in Mumbai and is built in the Alliance plant in Chennai. This site, which complies fully with Alliance quality standards, applies a production management system based on the sharing of expertise and best practices of both Renault and Nissan. Products by both companies can be built on the same line. By using the same platform as Nissan’s Micra, Renault was able to reduce development costs and lead times. Renault Pulse is thus an excellent example of the synergies generated by the Alliance.