Renault Scala 

Presented in 2012, Renault Scala is a sedan based on the Nissan Sunny and intended exclusively for the Indian market. Its exterior lines feature an expressive front end with chrome-finish reinforcements. Other assets include a vast boot and rear compartment providing more room for passengers.


In terms of safety, Renault Scala ships with ABS and airbags. It is available with a petrol or diesel engine (1.5 dCi).

Designed in Mumbai, built at Chennai 

Penned by the Renault design centre in Mumbai, Renault Scala is built at the Alliance plant in Chennai. This site, which meets all Alliance quality criteria, applies a production system based on shared expertise and the best practices applied by both Renault and Nissan. Vehicles for both brands can be produced on the same line. By using the Nissan Micra platform, Renault cut both costs and development times. In this way, Renault Scala is an example of the synergies generated by the Alliance.

The other Renault Scala 

Renault Scala is also the name of a family sedan that completes the Renault range in a number of countries worldwide, including Mexico, Egypt and Colombia. It ships as standard with ABS, double airbags, central locking, air conditioning and an AM/FM/CD/MP3 radio among other features.

Renault Scala sells with a 110 hp 1.6l 16v engine, mated to a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox. Based on the SM3 CE, this version of Renault Scala is built at the Busan plant (South Korea), an ISO 14001 certified site.