Dacia Sandero 

Affordable, robust and generous

Launched in 2007 and completely restyled in 2012, Dacia Sandero is both an urban and extra-urban compact, family vehicle. It features five comfortable seats for the price of a small car. From now on, Dacia Logan has a more modern shape with flowing lines that confer an elegant appearance while retaining the conventional styling that is its strength. The car will make its premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.


The new front face, designed around Dacia’s new styling identity, suggests quality and strength. The Dacia logo on the grill and the broad headlamps make for a more expressive front end. From the side, the proportion of bodywork to windows confirms the impression of robustness, which is underscored by the curved beltline, more distinctive wheel arches and sculpted sides found on all the vehicles in the range. 


The perceived quality of the previous generation has been enhanced through the choice of materials and improved fit and finish.
This model features a new dashboard with an updated appearance (including chrome dial surrounds) and more ergonomic controls.


In terms of engines, Dacia Sandero ships with powerplants reputed for their reliability and low fuel consumption, in both the petrol and diesel versions. Depending on the market, it is also available in an LPG version.

A competitive level of safety 

Dacia Sandero benefits from the recognized expertise of the Renault group in safety. In terms of active safety, particular emphasis is placed on the braking system (optional ABS). The vehicle also features an array of passive safety features, including the use of materials such as high yield-strength steel, which makes the cabin more resistant by limiting possible deformation, particularly in the event of head-on impact.


Dacia Sandero is built at the plants in Pitesti (Romania) and Casablanca (Morocco), both of which are ISO 14001 certified.

Sandero Stepway, the adventurer 

Revealed in 2009 and completely renewed on the occasion of the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Dacia Sandero Stepway is a Sandero designed for adventure. A car of sleek, muscular design, aimed at younger customers looking for a car that is low on price and big on personality.

With its raised ground clearance, front/rear skidplates, fog lamps and two-tone lengthwise roof bars, Dacia Sandero Stepway is clearly ready for the wide open spaces.