Renault Samsung Motors SM5 

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Launched in 2009 and restyled in the end of 2012, SM5 (which now features the name "Platinum") is a prestige three-box family sedan with all the assets that made the previous generation a success: quality in all areas, elegance and sophistication.


In the Land of the Morning Calm, social standing and well-being are key criteria when it comes to buying a car. In addition to its generous exterior dimensions (4.89m long,  1.83m wide, 1.49m tall ), SM5 features elegant, stylish looks highlighted by chrome finish details.

The list of in-car equipment – worthy of models further up the market – places the emphasis very much on innovation, with a dual-mode air ionizer and fragrance diffuser (a first on the Korean market), three-zone air conditioning, a massaging driver's seat, a Bose audio system and a hands-free card, to give just a few examples. Features vary depending on the version selected (LE, RE, PE, SE, SE Plus in particular).


In terms of engines, the SM5 ships with a choice of two petrol engines: the 2.0l CVTC (mated with the Xtronic gearbox) or VQ25, both from the Nissan bank of sub-systems. The precise, responsive front suspension is based on Renault know-how and engineering.


SM5 is built at the Busan plant (South Korea), an ISO 14001 certified site.